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Under Threshold Quote Requests

Vaultproof offers your organisation secure quotes with pre-validated professional and legislative data and associated cost schedules locked into a secure encrypted report. Each report holds the information you require to compare and award a single contract for single or multiple activities.

The linked report ensures that you have pre-validated information:

This list is not exhaustive, you define the information you require as part of quote request.

With the drive to digital tendering Vaultproof offers you the option to collect information securely without the expensive outlay or legislative restrictions.

The owner of the information holds responsibility for their information and our system meets data protection collection and storage legislation and you can access and award for free.*

* Nominal fee for linked relationships.



View-Only Vaultproof

Vaultproof© offers agencies the option to view reports for free* and because we want you to resist the urge to download and store this information, by leaving it on our system you can be safe in the knowledge you are fully data protection compliant while still retaining access for audit purposes 24/7/365. Addition information link   The Vaultproof© platform offers a paperless paper trail for all parties and with the option to upgrade your package and expand your linked relationships with alerts, updates and external reporting features throughout the term of a contract award and beyond. If you want to stick with view only, it will remain free, fair usage policy* applies. Go to for full terms and conditions.


Project Management with Digital Document Solutions

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Who Uses Vaultproof?

Local Authorities


Government Departments


Local and Rural Support Agencies


Funded Programme Partners



Vaultproof Customers

Full project and document management has never been easier or safer.

The old saying “if it can be measured, it is being managed” is the foundation Vaultproof has been built on, add our years of hands on project management experience and you have all the support you need to deliver on the promises you made and what made sure you secured the project in the first place.

From our initial planning meeting right the way through your project delivery you have access to our secure digital platform that clearly documents maps all the project activity and soo much more!

Your wish list:
  • Events, meetings or training interventions, from design to delivery and evaluation.
  • Board and stakeholder engagement at meetings and comms throughout the project.
  • HR and Recruitment, Insurance and book-keeping
  • Budgeting, RFT/RFQ/ Full tender research and applications
  • Facilities management
  • Sub-Contractor management
  • PR and social media
  • Digital marketing, web and graphic design
  • Customer support team for stakeholders, staff and customers by email and phone
  • Verification and validation/reporting and evaluation

All of the above and our promise that if you want a co-ordinator and/ or team on the ground you can have that too!

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Vaultproof Corporate

Developed for contracting and procurement agencies



Secure all the additional resources you need - RFQ: people, media, graphic design, event planning and delivery, insurance, travel, full or part co-ordination/ management


Secure and data protection compliant process allowing viewing access to information given to you by parents or students, As you have access for the duration of the relationship this removes your need to download or store this data…..The perfect paperless paper trail!


secure all the additional resources you need - RFQ: people, media, graphic design, event planning and delivery, insurance, travel, full or part co-ordination/ management


Share secure reports and communicate directly with approved personnel, stakeholders and/or funders.

Other services available via Vaultproof

Personnel Checks Qualification Checks

Who they say they are!

  • ID Cards
  • Credit Checks
  • Overseas Checks
  • Academic Qualification Verification
  • DVLA Report
  • Employment History Verification
  • External ID Checking (ID Vetting)
  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Check
  • Media Searches
  • PCI DSS – Protecting Customer Data
  • Professional Body Membership Checks
  • Proof of Residency Check
  • Reference Interviews
  • Right to Work in the UK/Ireland/Europe
  • UK/European Directorship Check
  • Smart as they say they are!

  • Vocational
  • Skills/Trade
  • Academic
  • Professional Membership
  • Qualification Mapping
  • APL [accreditation of prior learning]
  • APA [accreditation of prior achievement]
  • Application to apply for qualification credits
  • CPD
  • CPD Membership
  • Transcripts
  • Contact us and we can present a bespoke package to meet your needs.

    Secure and Safe

    Vaultproof offers secure validated information and with our extensive experience in supporting Education and Procurement sectors, our goal is to protect the data secured with us and why we have selected AWS as our key licensed partner.



    Amazon Web Services


    AWS [Amazon Web Services] the best cloud solution system available worldwide and not just our opinion: Read more. in assessing all the possible cyber security risks in todays digital world we feel that AWS is the partner for us.